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Learn Arabic

The first words to learn in any language:

Yes = Aywa (eye-wa)

No = La or La-a (there is a hard stop at the end of the La, so it is La’ not Lah)

Common and useful words you are sure to hear, and will like to use:

Mumkin (moom-kin) = Maybe/possibly/Can I/Can you…

Insha-alla = God willing. Used whenever referring to something that has not happened yet. Get used to it, it is probably the most common word in the language.

Classic shaped coke bottle with arabic writing
Brick wall with arabic writing in the brick
Close up of face of a waterbuffalo looking at the camera


Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world. Egypt has been handling visitors for over 2000 years.

The pyramids were already thousands of years old when the Greeks first came to visit in Egypt . More than any other place on earth, Egypt has 5,000 years of history that can still be seen.

Close up of King Tut's face in shining gold, predates greek architecture element
Eight small bright blue boats gathered for commerce as seen from above.
Side view of elderly Egyptian man with white turbin on his head.
Seascape with colorful rocks in the foreground
Colorful sunrise with the horizon in sillouette.
Many lotus leaves floating in dark water.

Basata Ecovillage | Sinai & Red Sea | Egypt

Basata, an ecovillage run by Sherif El-Ghamrawy and his wife Maria.

Basata is always booked on Egyptian holidays, so call ahead. But you can come anytime if you have your own tent.

“Basata” means simplicity in Arabic, and this place lives up to its name. The camp/ecovillage is right on the beach with two mountains on either side, so there are no other distractions. You can stay in mud brick bungalows, huts, or in your own tent. There is a main hut complex with kitchen facilities and a lounge area.

Small buildings on sandy foreground with small bare hills in background
Woman with black robe and headcover, face covered by colorful scarf.
Beach scene with red rocky shore
Orange colored sunset
Stripped lion fish distorted through water with sun reflecting on it.
Rock stairs ascending in valley between two mountain walls
Woman traveler seen between two glass and metal containers
Stone tall, narrow building with two narrow arched windows at top
Several people in water, red beach
One tall pland shoot with birght purple flowers.

Bedouin Camping | Western Desert | Egypt

Travel through the desert with Samy Badri and his Bedouin friends and family. In Bahariya we are only around 37,000 people.

Getting around in jeeps, you will spend part of the day driving around the desert, just for the view and to get to other places. Stop whenever you want to run around and enjoy or inspect the natural phenomena and wide open spaces. Each night you will camp in a different place, sleeping out in the open (don’t worry it won’t rain). Samy and crew will cook great Bedouin food, and usually play music on the tabla and sing to round the evening out.

Bedouin man and woman, both head covered looking into cave at the camera
View of the sphinx
Four Bedouin men sitting on carpets in the desert at night, clapping
View of the deserts sculpted by the wind
Dark sand in the front, white outcroppings in the background with a brilliant bl
Palm trees clumped with desert sand (light and dark) surrounding
Children dressed in skirts and dresses over pants
Travelers laying on their stomachs, clapping to the music
Desert closeup of crystal formations
Traveler body surfing down a sand dune
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Mount Kilimanjaro, candidate for New 7 world wonders of Africa

 Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, has three volcanic peaks namely Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. Kibo peak is covered with snow throughout the year, and it is the easiest non technical walkable mountain summit to reach.
Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest free standing mountain in the world and one of 7 summits. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of 3 natural attractions from tanzania that was nominated to enter for voting competition for the new 7 natural wonders of the world Africa.

Climbing kilimanjaro tours, kilimanjaro trekking adventures

What is the fastest growing city in the world?

Dubai was founded in 1830 as a fishing village (although in the Emirates, according to scientists claim, the first humans appeared about 7000 years ago). In those days the main occupation of the inhabitants of the settlement was sheep farming, fishing, pearling, etc. All of this settlement was going on as usual, it developed, and established trade.

In 1836 Ruler of Dubai has become Maktoum bin Buti, who founded a dynasty that has ruled Emirate until now.

Egypt Desert Life Getting There

Start out in Bahariya Oasis, about 350km S.W. of Cairo in the western desert.

Dark sand in the front, white outcroppings in the background with a brilliant blue, cloud laced sky
White Desert