Bedouin Camping | Western Desert | Egypt

Travel through the desert with Samy Badri and his Bedouin friends and family. In Bahariya we are only around 37,000 people.

Getting around in jeeps, you will spend part of the day driving around the desert, just for the view and to get to other places. Stop whenever you want to run around and enjoy or inspect the natural phenomena and wide open spaces. Each night you will camp in a different place, sleeping out in the open (don’t worry it won’t rain). Samy and crew will cook great Bedouin food, and usually play music on the tabla and sing to round the evening out.

Things to Do:

  • Learn the variety of the desert: The white desert with fossils and limestone, the black desert, the crystal desert, small oases, and rolling dunes of the great sand sea
  • Eat Bedouin cooking over open fire
  • Join in Bedouin music and dancing at night
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Get stuck on sand dunes and help push the jeep out
  • Look for ‘desert roses’

Quote from Samy:

  • Me: How do you know your way around the desert?
  • Samy: You just know. It is like your house. Do you get lost going from your room to your bathroom?
  • Me: No, but the desert is a lot bigger than my room and bathroom!

Getting There:

Start out in Bahariya Oasis, about 350km S.W. of Cairo in the western desert.

Bahariya is a large Oasis where about 450,000 people live. Of the five major desert oases it is the closest to Cairo (though on the bus ride you will probably wish it was closer). From there you can head out into the desert, sometimes called the great sand sea.

Contact info:

Bedouin man and woman, both head covered looking into cave at the camera
View of the sphinx
Four Bedouin men sitting on carpets in the desert at night, clapping
View of the deserts sculpted by the wind
Dark sand in the front, white outcroppings in the background with a brilliant bl
Palm trees clumped with desert sand (light and dark) surrounding
Children dressed in skirts and dresses over pants
Travelers laying on their stomachs, clapping to the music
Desert closeup of crystal formations
Traveler body surfing down a sand dune