Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world. Egypt has been handling visitors for over 2000 years.

The pyramids were already thousands of years old when the Greeks first came to visit in Egypt . More than any other place on earth, Egypt has 5,000 years of history that can still be seen.


Egypt can take you on a historical-cultural journey of the art, artifacts and architecture from the Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Copts, Arabs, Mamelukes, Turks and the Masreyeen (modern Egyptians).

Less well known, but equally as fascinating is the geography and natural landscapes of Egypt: the Eastern and Western Deserts, the mountains of the Sinai, and the unforgettable beaches of the Red Sea.

From ancient Egypt to the present, almost all life is located along the Nile. The western and eastern deserts, along with the Sinai Peninsula have always offered a different kind of life than the fertile Nile Valley. Click the mouse, and you can explore each of these main regions.

Egypt has many dualities. The ancient Egyptians saw their world divided into a Red land and a Black land. The black land consisted of the Nile Valley with its life giving fertile black soil. The red land was the dry searing desert around it. Even now, red and black are still associated with Egypt on the colors of its flag.

There is another duality within the Nile Valley itself, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt extend from Cairo northward, encompassing the Nile delta. Upper Egypt is the Nile valley south of Cairo. The reason for these names is that the Nile flows down from the mountains in Ethiopia, to the Mediterranean coast. So Upper Egypt is actually higher up in elevation, and Lower Egypt is lower in elevation.

Ancient Monuments-Visit Luxor and view ancient artifacts and architecture, visit local markets and temples from antiquity, ride a felucca. Stay in a family atmosphere.

Desert Life-Travel through the desert with Sami and his Bedouin friends and family, eat and dance in the Bedouin tradition, camp in a different place every night.

Sinai and the Red Sea- Stay at the eco-village, Basata in bungalows, huts or your own tent. Eat Bedouin style dinners, snorkel the reef, climb Mt. Sinai.

Close up of King Tut's face in shining gold, predates greek architecture element
Eight small bright blue boats gathered for commerce as seen from above.
Side view of elderly Egyptian man with white turbin on his head.
Seascape with colorful rocks in the foreground
Colorful sunrise with the horizon in sillouette.
Many lotus leaves floating in dark water.