Mauritius: in what has become a "nest of pirates"? In anticipation of the Dodo ...

"Model of Paradise" - Mark Twain called the Mauritius, who had been there at the end of the XIX century. But at this point pretty much just an interesting and quite paradoxical.
On the official, state (English) says less than 1% of the population. Residents of the island, which argued for the possession of the major European sea powers, most of them are now the Indians and Creoles (French-African and Malagasy origin).
Home and unique natural attraction of Mauritius - a bird the dodo, a scientist C. Linnaeus introduced into their work when it has not been seen. The phenomenon of the earth "Seven Colors" (or "colored sands"), playing with all the colors of the rainbow, so far not been explained by science. A pineapple in Mauritius are considered weeds.
"Star and key Indian Ocean" - is not just words, they are written on the arms of the tiny state. Because battered and that the key, and therefore passed from hand to hand the island (there are three - they all belong to the State of Mauritius). The island had several names. Once he opened the Arabs (in 975), but because the land was uninhabited and trade was none, they departed, leaving his name: Dinarobin (Silver Island). Later, in the XVI century, the Portuguese came and gave their name: Cisne (Swan). Mauritius has become a transit point en route to Goa.
A few years later came the Dutch - it was so easy to rest on the way to the island of Java, which they gave their name (Mauritius) and decided to settle down tightly.
In 1715 came the French and renamed the island Ile de France (both at home). To business, they began seriously studying the ocean and sailed the famous admiral Bougainville (named after him grape) and La Perouse (and we have shed his name).
And then turns Island was a bargaining chip in constant military clashes French and English and, simultaneously, the refuge of pirates. Storms, capture, beautiful women, cries of "on board the ship!" - It is possible that all subsequent similar plots grown in these coastal waters. Not be ruled out that the pirates were expelled the Dutch, but they were under the French pirates "in the law." The most famous pirate Kurtyuf Robert, nicknamed "Storm of the seas" became an officer in the French navy, he was even granted the title of baron. Rogue was one of the first Knights of the Order of the Legion of Honor. He died in France, "with the notary and the doctor," being the richest ship-owner in France. And on an island somewhere else hidden his treasure.
And then on the island of atonement for the British. The slave trade was already banned, but in Mauritius pulled people of India. And now they are ethnic and religious majority. On the island and visited Mahatma Gandhi.
Visited Mauritius writers and scientists (Charles Darwin). They all admired the island, and Joseph Conrad (1957-1924 years) called it "a gem exuding sweetness." This classic of English literature was born, incidentally, in Berdichev, and his name was J?zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. His father - a Polish insurgent, was exiled to Vologda, the family left behind. Then - Chernigov, Lvov, Krakow, Marseille, England. Consisted in the naval service, furrowed the seas, has written wonderful books and even refused a British knighthood, because he already had his coat of polish coat of arms. About the writer can tell a wonderful forever, here is interesting the fact that he took the island of Mauritius.
During the Second World War, Mauritius was an English naval base, and played a major role, especially after the Japanese captured Singapore. Then followed the struggle for independence.