Egypt Desert Life Your Host

Travel through the desert with Samy Badri and his Bedouin friends and family. In Bahariya we are only around 37,000 people.

Getting around in jeeps, you will spend part of the day driving around the desert, just for the view and to get to other places. Stop whenever you want to run around and enjoy or inspect the natural phenomena and wide open spaces. Each night you will camp in a different place, sleeping out in the open (don’t worry it won’t rain). Samy and crew will cook great Bedouin food, and usually play music on the tabla and sing to round the evening out.

Quote from Samy:

Me: How do you know your way around the desert?

Samy: You just know. It is like your house. Do you get lost going from your room to your bathroom?

Me: No, but the desert is a lot bigger than my room and bathroom!

Contact info: Samy Badry

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In Country Tel: 02 849 7260 Mobile: 012-368-2070.