Egypt Ancients Monuments | Things to Do

East Bank

  • Market: The secret to markets in Egypt is to keep walking. Eventually the market will be less oriented for tourists and more targeted toward locals.
  • Temples: A must see is Luxor temple at night. The lights make the reliefs clearer, and it can be very peaceful if there are no large tour groups. A mosque was constructed on TOP of part of the temple when the temple was still covered with sand. The mosque is still there, only the door is one story off the floor!
  • Museums: Unlike the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museum focus on quality rather than quantity. The objects in these museums are organized in a coherent manner with modern displays that even have labels!
Hundreds of rolled and stacked oriental rugs
Night view of lighted temple and symetrical walkway to it.
View of boat
Egyptian coffin with clear face on the front
Inside large columned room
Painting on the wall
Outside view, sand colored columned structures

Amon el-Gezira Hotel | Luxor | Egypt

Amon el-Gezira hotel (Also spelled Amun el-Gazira) run by the friendly Ahmed Suleiman. Stay on the west bank. Have tea and share stories with Ahmed and family. Fill up on ful and falafel in the Egyptian breakfast. Taxi with Ahmed's brother to the nearby monuments. You will soon realize family is the most important, and there is always someone in the family who does what you’re looking for!

Two giant statues with hot air balloon in between
Three colorfully dressed children waving
Series of lion-like statues, many missing heads
Sillouette of palm and trees in sunset
View from above of river with green on both sides, desert away from the river
Wall painting at Hatchepsut Temple
Oaisis with rock buildings
Girl in colorful dress with covered head waving