Kenya Budget Safaris and Tanzania Safaris

One of the top continents to think of when it comes to choosing a holiday is Africa. Africa has many places to visit  and we are going to focus on East Africa. East Africa include five  countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The top hot places to visit in East Africa  is Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. They offer safari holidays in the major national parks within the countries.
With Kenya safaris or Kenya travel packages, they vary from 3 days safaris to 14 days safaris. The 3 days maasai mara safaris are more popular for those visitors with less time. Some of these Kenya travel deals, you will either join a group or you can go private.With Kenya group safaris, you will join the available group that your chosen outfitter already have, thus ending up saving more. If you have extra cash and can afford for a Kenya private safaris, then it will be just you, your family or friend and of course the driver/ guide.
For Kenya budget safaris, or also known as Kenya camping safaris are safaris where accomodations are in campsites and budget hotels. Kenya luxury safaris or also known as Kenya lodge safaris, accommodations are in lodges and high class hotels with all the luxury the offer. Kenya adventure safaris are for the adventurous people who are ready for fun and are not ready to hold back.
For the Tanzania camping safaris, accomodation are in basic camps, nothing luxury. These is also known as Tanzania budget safaris. The safaris starts from three days  to fifteen days. There is the Tanzania  group safaris and Tanzania private safaris. The Tanzania most visited national parks include Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire and Serengeti national parks..
Uganda safaris are mostly known for there Gorilla safaris. The huge gorillas roaming in Bwindi national park. For gorilla safaris, you need a permit otherwise you wont be allowed in the park.
Africa Venture safaris offers all these safaris in these countries. These are some of the national parks and countries you should consider in your list to visit while in Africa. Wildlife safaris are suitable for all ages, the young and old, making it even more suitable for families. For more info visit


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