The Magical Coast of Kenya

A trip in Kenya had more ups than downs. Let me start by, when we arrived in Kenya waiting for one hour for our passsportsto be stamped, thank God we got our luggag every first and walked outof the baggage hall where we met our guide waiting for us.He gave us our programme and we were to start our trip going to Lake Nakuru which he told us was a 2 hour drive from Nairobi.Lake Nakuru was very spectacular with different types of birds we so not  forgetting both white and black Rhinos.
From Lake Nakuru, we drove to Maasai mara for around thre hours arriving at Sopa lodge at around 1:30 pm, the hotel was very good. The game drives in Maasai mara was supa, from Maasai mara we drove to Nairobi and they took us direct to the airport where we took our flight to Mombasa. Thank you Inside Africa Budget Safaris and you whole team for the best service you gave us.
Upon arriving in Mombasa, we were met and taken to the hotel by shuttle which took us to the romantic Tiwi beach Hotel, they gave us a room facing the sea, my wife loved it and i knew that i was making her holiday Supa. Our coast tour was very good but i can not forget the Shimoni caveswhich made my wife shade tears  after being told the  the history of  the caves,  how the Arabs were handling slaves and ferring them to Zanzibar and other countrys, for me it reminded me of a song from Rodger Whittaker, which my father liked so much but did not expect to be where Rogers wrote the song, the guide at the cave named Samuel told us that Rogers was born in Kenya, this is the link to the song


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