Daily Life

Learn Arabic

The first words to learn in any language:

Yes = Aywa (eye-wa)

No = La or La-a (there is a hard stop at the end of the La, so it is La’ not Lah)

Common and useful words you are sure to hear, and will like to use:

Mumkin (moom-kin) = Maybe/possibly/Can I/Can you…

Insha-alla = God willing. Used whenever referring to something that has not happened yet. Get used to it, it is probably the most common word in the language.

Classic shaped coke bottle with arabic writing
Brick wall with arabic writing in the brick
Close up of face of a waterbuffalo looking at the camera

Taxi Ride

Taxis can be wonderful in Cairo. They are affordable, ubiquitous, you don't have to find parking, and you can leave at a moment's notice! Just be ready for a different approach to driving: no lanes, little space between cars and people, barely stopping at lights and stop signs, all compensated for with a lot of honking! Here is a taste of the taxi experience in Cairo.

Taxi Ride in Cairo YouTube Video