Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world. Egypt has been handling visitors for over 2000 years.

The pyramids were already thousands of years old when the Greeks first came to visit in Egypt . More than any other place on earth, Egypt has 5,000 years of history that can still be seen.

Close up of King Tut's face in shining gold, predates greek architecture element
Eight small bright blue boats gathered for commerce as seen from above.
Side view of elderly Egyptian man with white turbin on his head.
Seascape with colorful rocks in the foreground
Colorful sunrise with the horizon in sillouette.
Many lotus leaves floating in dark water.

Mauritius: in what has become a "nest of pirates"? In anticipation of the Dodo ...

"Model of Paradise" - Mark Twain called the Mauritius, who had been there at the end of the XIX century. But at this point pretty much just an interesting and quite paradoxical.
On the official, state (English) says less than 1% of the population. Residents of the island, which argued for the possession of the major European sea powers, most of them are now the Indians and Creoles (French-African and Malagasy origin).

What is the fastest growing city in the world?

Dubai was founded in 1830 as a fishing village (although in the Emirates, according to scientists claim, the first humans appeared about 7000 years ago). In those days the main occupation of the inhabitants of the settlement was sheep farming, fishing, pearling, etc. All of this settlement was going on as usual, it developed, and established trade.

In 1836 Ruler of Dubai has become Maktoum bin Buti, who founded a dynasty that has ruled Emirate until now.

The Magical Coast of Kenya

Egypt Ancients Monuments | Things to Do

East Bank

  • Market: The secret to markets in Egypt is to keep walking. Eventually the market will be less oriented for tourists and more targeted toward locals.
  • Temples: A must see is Luxor temple at night. The lights make the reliefs clearer, and it can be very peaceful if there are no large tour groups. A mosque was constructed on TOP of part of the temple when the temple was still covered with sand. The mosque is still there, only the door is one story off the floor!
  • Museums: Unlike the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museum focus on quality rather than quantity. The objects in these museums are organized in a coherent manner with modern displays that even have labels!
Hundreds of rolled and stacked oriental rugs
Night view of lighted temple and symetrical walkway to it.
View of boat
Egyptian coffin with clear face on the front
Inside large columned room
Painting on the wall
Outside view, sand colored columned structures