Vacation in Israel

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Israel is a country packed with magnificent attractions and sites, and since the country is so compact you can get to see most of them even on a relatively short vacation. If this is your first visit itcould be a good idea to book a tour – your flight operator may be able to help you select one as part of a package deal so it’s worth enquiring while you're booking your flights to Israel.

Highlights of a vacation in Israel

  • Flights to Israel arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, which is around an hour’s drive from Jerusalem. If you're thinking of hiring a car it’s best to book this in advance so you can quickly transfer to your hotel. Jerusalem requires at least one full day to visit.You can tour Jerusalem’s Old City on foot visiting the Temple Mount and Via Dolorosa. You can also take in The Holy Sepulcher Church and the Old City’s Christian, Armenian, Jewish and Muslim quarters. West Jerusalem is home to the Holocaust Museum while a trip to Bethlehem and the Nativity Church are other popular highlights.
  • Another site to include on your vacation in Israel is Masada. This World Heritage Site is home to a famous rock fortress and stronghold of the ancient Jewish people, in their war against the Romans. You can walk or take a cable car to the top where you can visit Roman leader Herod the Great’s Palace as well as storerooms, a watchtower and one of the first ever synagogues.
  • The Dead Sea is another ‘must see’ item to include in the itinerary. The ‘Sea’ is actually a lake, situated at the lowest point on earth. If time permits take a dip in the salty water and experience what it’s like to float – in fact it’s practically impossible to sink. The famous Dead Sea mud is renowned around the world for its healing properties, so a mud bath here is highly recommended.
  • The Sea of Galilee is another highlight of a vacation in Israel. You can take a boat trip and visit churches and lakeside places mentioned in biblical writings. Safed is close by and well worth a visit. Its ancient lanes are charming and you can also drop in on the artists’ studios and workplaces which line them.
  • For a truly unique experience during your vacation in Israel why not camp under the stars in the Negev Desert? You can rent a tent in a designated camping area, or alternatively book a room in one of the many guest houses in the area. Sites to see include the Ramon Crater, King Solomon’s Pillars in the Timna Valley and the ancient city of Shivta.
  • Tel Aviv is close to the airport and definitely worth spending some time in. As well as the modern cosmopolitan side Tel Aviv is home to Old Jaffa and traditional Markets, as well as a beautiful Mediterranean beach.


Head south for a beach vacation in Israel

If you enjoy spending time at the beach you should consider heading south to Eilat, with its endless sunshine, clear blue seas and famous coral reef. You can take a domestic flight or travel by bus or car, taking in some stunning desert scenery on the way.